But my story isn't just about a diabolical frame up. It's also a powerful story of surviving domestic violence.

I'm a 30-year old MBA student and entrepreneur who got tangled up with the wrong guy. After two years in an abusive relationship, I thought I was free until, less than a year later, I was framed for a crime. It was sloppily executed, but my life was still turned upside down. I was falsely arrested twice. When the District Attorney increased my bail to $1 million after the second arrest, I ended up spending 88 life-changing days in jail.

I'm a victim in more ways than one, but I've always hated the term victim. I prefer to think of myself as a warrior in a pencil skirt. My weapons: grace, humor, intelligence, and optimism. 

My story is one of courage under fire. Of the underdog winning against the odds. Of the inherent power of a kind and gentle heart with a bit of a wild streak. 

For me, surviving an extreme case of domestic violence--one that was financially, sexually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive--left me with only the belongings I could fit into my Jetta, almost nothing in my bank account, and the daily struggle to brave work and life in the face of ongoing stalking and harassment, including the threat of revenge porn.

Recovering from this abuse has been a crazy journey of battling PTSD, grappling with dissociations, and fighting the Blue Wall of Silence.

I'm here to share my experiences in the hopes that it will increase public awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence and its impact on our communities.